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My love of photography started when I was little. My father loved photography and even considered a career in it before entering medical school. Even though he decided on a different path, photography remained one of his most treasured hobbies. His photos graced the walls of our home and our childhoods were well documented in pictures. I have always enjoyed watching him and knew that I wanted to provide the same kind of tangible memories for my own children.

Flash forward to the present. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful daugthers, Avery, Finley, and Emerson (with a baby BOY on the way!!). I have gotten most of my early practical experience taking photos of them. By the time Avery was 1 year old, we had thousands of pictures on our hard drive. Before Finley was born my husband gave me my first Digital SLR camera for Christmas. My hard drive has severely suffered... with 3 (almost 4) kiddos we are up into the tens of thousands now! I love taking pictures of everyday moments and posting them on my family blog with a story or a memory. It is my form of scrapbooking, journaling, and record keeping. I also love to decorate my home with precious photos of my loved ones. I love how photos can capture a feeling, a thought, a moment in time. Sometimes that is all that remains after time has past. That to me is priceless.

I do not consider myself a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but photography is something that I love. What I offer is a eye for capturing the joy and beauty in everyday moments, a love of the process, a constant desire to learn and improve, creativity, and a good camera (which helps). I am looking to get even more experience (on people other than my own children) in an effort to further develop this passion of mine. Hopefully I can capture wonderful moments in time for you and your family to treasure in the process.

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